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Ngarego tribe per Mickey

yeyo= yes Mūrū= No

Mickey was born at Mūtong near Buckleys
at Rutherford’s old place – it is his country.

Names of Languages
His language is called Ngarego, that of Gippsland
he calls Kūngela. Wild blacks are called
Bŭdara. The Omeo language is called
Kŭndūng-orūr. White men called = Mūgan.

[?? next to this section] Of the classes all he knows is that he is Tchuteba
= rabbit rat. His father and mother were
Nadjatejan and his children would be Nadjatejan.
He also says that Old Nūkong was Nadjetejan and
that Charley Nūkong is Tchuteba.

Ball play
When they played at Ball – made of
‘possum skin – Tchuteba played on one side
and Nadjatejan on the other. Sometimes when
there were not many people there, women and
children of the proper names joined.
They also sent the ball as a friendly

Possum fur string
String of possum fur is called Kūmil

Mickey said he was made a young man at Mūtong.
Old Munday and others were there and knocked out his
tooth. During some of the ceremonies he and the other boys
were covered up with rugs so as not to see.
One of the ceremonies was as follows: - a man say as old
as Charley Alexander (25) to (28) was buried flat in a trench and
covered with earth; on his breast was planted a green wattle tree,
roots and all which he held with his hand and shook slightly
when the boys were brought to see it.
The boys were not allowed to eat somethings, Mickey remembered that
they might eat Ringtail; but not other possum. If they eat
forbidden food it was supposed to make them ill.
The youths who had their teeth knocked out were
called Nŭrmŭng or Kūringŭn. His tooth might not
come back to him till he was an old man.

[written in left side margin]
Youth – A boy before tooth out is called – Brue-bŭl.
He does not know about Drŭmŭlŭn and
is not a man and is not allowed to be

[written in right side margin]
(mūra = ghost = dead man in the Tūsla [could be Tunla] language)

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