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Doctors, Wizard
A Doctor was called Mŭrimalŭndra.
A Wizard was called Būdjan-belan
These men made use of white stones Thagū=
Kūrha_Kūri bong (Thagū Kūrha= white)
and black stones Thagūk Kūribong (Thagūk= black)

A spirit was called Mai-ŭl.
A ghost was called Birek-bang.

A dead person was tied up tight – the hands
placed on either side of the face = open and the
knees drawn up to the head. All was tied up
tightly. The grave was sometimes like a round
well, sometimes had a side chamber. The lower
part of the grave was filled in with wood
and stones and the the [sic] upper part with earth.

A dream was gŭng-ŭng mūn = nūng-ya.
It was believed that they could see ghosts
(Birek-bang) in dreams.

Bogong moths
The Ngarego used to go up the mountains to eat Bogong moths
= ngū-e-ang - at the Murumbidgee [sic] and the Queenbeyan [sic]
blacks went with them. The moths were found among
the rocks.

Names of tribes
The Queenbeyan [sic] blacks were called
Ngye-mŭbch-mittŭng, Cooma blacks = Ngarego mittŭng.
Bega blacks = Waral mittŭng Bondi blacks = Binai mittŭng ≠ Bendoc
blacks = Bidwell mittŭng, the Tumut blacks = Woradjeri
. Men along the coast were Katŭng-gal
and those further up than Bega = Kŭrial.
The open plain country was called Bimŭng

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