There are three tribes in the
neighbourhood of Milparinka
Punthemira and
Wankamirra and Milparinka
is the boundary between these
and Mullysnappa tribe

Yapally was a young man and
just initiated at the time Sturt
was at Depot Glen. He belongs
to Mullysnappa tribe. He
does not know the words
gorgela nor [?Bauley?] therefore
cannot say if they are equivalent
of Mukwarra + Kilpara or
ooberoo. He says Wongo means
[??] Murkwana + Kilpara
are totem names of [??]
tribe that is almost [??] lake
and Milparinka and these
words are also common to the
Barkinjee tribe on the Darling
below Wilcannia, also to
Wambangee about Wilcannia
also to Parringie or Mulga Mulga
or back country also [??]
between Milparinka and the Wilson

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