Draught letter
Miss May Benson
Brenda Station
Goodooga NSW


I hope that you will not consider me
a nuisance by again writing on the subject of
the "Marriage Rule" in the MÅ«rawari tribe
But my excuse may I hope be your great kindness
in making earlier enquiries and the fact that
the "Marriage Rule" is a subject upon which
I am now compiling information for an
important communication to the Anthr. Inst. of Gt
Since I last wrote I have been for a few days
at Wentworth where I had an opportunity
of interrogating two very old but yet intelligent
aborigines. The man singular to [??] bears the name
of "Doctor John Benson" - I am told because in
the early days of settlement - some half a century or
more ago, he [??] Dr John Benson up the
Darling to seek some new new country. Is it possible
that he was some relative of yours?
I obtained some very interesting information as to their
marriage rules [in the- crossed out] of the Wembaio people to whom
my informants belong, it being almost the same as that
of the Dieri which I explained in my letter of 12/7/06.
What I wish now to explain is the manner in
which I questioned them on it may be of use to you, should
you feel induced to attempt the task.
We were sitting on the bank of the Murray [not far f - crossed out]
near their camp + not far from the [Junc- crossed out] Darling junction.
I compiled the Diagram by using little bits of
the dry river mud to represent men and little bits
of charcoal to represent the women.
I first put down the piece of mud representing [the -crossed out] Doctor and
then the piece of charcoal representing Lucy the wife. Then I put
down a piece of charcoal to represent the woman 4 on your
diagram, the sister of Doctor; then a piece of mud to represent
the man 2 her husband, [who -crossed out] the brother of Lucy - 3
They fully understand this after a little discussion.
Then I put down a piece of charcoal to represent 5 - that is
her daughter, and a piece of mud to represent a son of
her sister 4 and the husband 2.

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