1 Parooingie Name of tribe on Paroo south of Hungerford
Byjerie [ditto] north [ditto]
(I have no information on Byjeries)
2. The present site of Hungerford township on the
Queensland + New South Wales boundary is the
boundary of the above two tribes. The southern
boundary of the Parooingie is about
Wanamurlee waterhole on Goorimpa, a station
about 110 miles south of Hungerford. Wanamurlee
is 12 miles south of Goorimpa.
3. Parooingie is not divided into lesser districts
+ appears to have no Eastern or Western boundary
4. The members of the Parooingie are divided into two
5. classes as under
Muckwarra or Keilpana
Teal duck
Totem Eaglehawk Bilyanah Bream Fish Mungie
names Kangaroo Thurlta Snake Thooroo
Bandicoot Boorcamia Iguana Burna
Opossum Yerringie Emu Cullee
Carnie Carnie (abor)
6. Muckwana man of any class may marry a
Keilpana woman of any class + vice versa.
7 + Muckwarra manmarried to a Keipana woman
9 the children are Keilpana. If a Kilpana
woman is a snake or Emu the children
are snakes or Emus. The child always takes
after the mother
8 There are only Muckwarra + Keipana class names
with the several lesser or totem names.

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