Wanaaning NSW
10 Sept 1898

A W Howitt Esq
East Malvern
My dear Sir
Yours of the 16 May + 25
July are long since to hand
+ I would have answered before
only hoping to procure for
you information more definite.
I have spoken to a most intelligent
Backfellow [sic] of about 40 yrs of age
and two old men of nearly 60 yrs
+ gather the following.
(1) The Nanalko tribe frequented the
country between Bourke on the
Darling + the Paroo
(2) The Baruna Guerns inhabited the Warrego
about Fords Bridge and Keamie or
If this is correct the tribes had not
distinct territories as Fords Bridge + Toorale
are situated directly between Paroo + Darling

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