(3) Parooingie extends down the
Paroo to Batha Batha (a shallow
water hole in Goorinpa. At one time
there was an outstation of Sutton at
Batha Batha) and embraces the
country of the Baurna + Guenu tribes.
(4) Badjen The tribe ran in Paroo
from Cunawinya near Hungerford to Sulo
(5) Kingaine about Cobham Lake
(6) Nothing is known about here of
contact of 2 3 4 class system
The head stock man or manager of
Nocalunya was for 20/30 years on
the Balloo + should be able give [sic]
information you require. I forget
his name but Hughes is the owner
The marriage you refer to in your
letter of the 25 July would be the
correct course amongst the
I am
Yours faithfully
Maurice I A Feehan

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