They seem to have lost the others.
Endawarra is the native name of the
Wilya's for Lake Boulka. The Karnie
is a frilled Lizard a prickly hideous
fellow much esteemed as food, in the
list of totems that I sent you please add
as a correction that Gohane Iguana is
Kilpara + not Muckwarra and that
Yarange Opossum is Muckwarra + not
Kilpara as I before stated. I have been
unable to clear up the Muckolo + Gneilpooroo
that it is an intermediate class I have no
doubt. All the blacks here claim to be either
one or the other. Gneilpooroo they say is
"best fellow" and that the big old man told
them about it "long time ago". Turoo is
the carpet snake.

The Mulyanuppa I should say were
Wilya as their word for moon is the same
I remember the Boulka Blacks using. I think
the Wilya tribe extents [sic] over the S A border
as far as Paralua + Tingatingara stations

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