Police Station, Wentworth
20 December 1907
A. W. Howitt, Esq.,
Metung, Victoria
Dear Sir,
I have long been delayed in tending to your inquiry of
the 6th ult. longer than expected, one reason having sev
erely sprained my ankle have been unable to get about for
some three weeks.

From inquiries made locally amongst the surviving
aborigines, I find that all they know about the terms
"Mukwara" and "Keelpara" are that they signify some degree
of afinity [sic], but it is said some of the Aborigines can tell
upon sight on meeting a stranger if he or she belongs to
either definition. Dan Limbery and Lucy say that they have
heard this stated but that they cannot say so of theirselves
Dan Limbery says he remembers Mr. Richards being about
Menindie 4 or 5 years ago, thinks he came from Ballarat,
Limbery remembers talking to Richards about these matters
and from what he and others say Richards has slightly
altered the sound or meaning of the terms used, as it
appears from the Rufus up the Darling as far as Wilcannia
and Louth the blacks speak a language known as "Marra
Yowera" meaning "True word" (this refers to the langauge
spoke). "Maraura" is not the correct pronunciation.
In the area mentioned abobve there were many tribes such as
the "Kandel-ko" or Kandel lake tribe, near Menindie
"Muthring-ko" a River tribe near Tolarno
"Barkingy" a River tribe near Weinteriga
"Wombeegie" was a general term meaning tribes residing
higher up the River Darling as now known
"Kungarlie" a general term meaning tribes residing lower
down the Darling river. Both terms being
synonymous with the terms "Northern" or
"Southern" peoples or tribes.
I am. dear Sir, Yours truly
Percy [??]
Segt of Police

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