The Wem-bai-o Tribe

Junction of Darling + Murray Rivers

Totem 1 Tribe 1a Infanticide 1a
Boundaries 1b Headmen 1b council 1b
The noose 1c Friendly alien 2 Kidney fat 2
Doctors 2a dreams 3 messengers 3
Noorali + ghosts 3a Enchantments 4 notes by Revd J Bulmer
Deaths 4a Blood feud 5 Funerals 5 - 4a and
Initiation 4a, 5 I. P. N. 5 Medicine Men 4a-5-8 Dr MacKinlay
(per John Fraser)
Hereditary High Priest 5a- Legends 5a 6 - Star = Bunjil
Star= Kilpara 6
origin of man - the bat 7 wrestling 7 River god 7
Blood - superstition as to 7 sun + moon 8 trading 8

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