For 40 or 50 miles above + below Wentworth and 40 up the Darling
the blacks were very fine people and very friendly. The Marrawra
I know most of.

In 1851 I found infanticide prevalent. The women informed me
that the "Old men blacks ordered it" and it must be done.

When a woman is about to be confined she withdraws from the
main camp a couple of hundred yards accompanied by a female
friend or two who are quite as competent as modern. "howdies" to perform
their duties. For a week or ten days after delivery a woman is not
allowed to bathe or [to - crossed out] go to the river for drink, the latter being brought
to her by her friends in attendance. Generally after the child is
separated from the mother, charcoal is pounded up fine and mixed with
fat of some sort and rubbed in well the baby is polished like a pair of boots
I never saw a half caste during my residence and think they
must have been destroyed. Infanticide was indiscriminate
as to both boys and girls.
Strange blacks, visitors were not accommodated with women
Dr MacKinlay

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