The Wem-bai-o tribe (Rev J Bulmer)
From Tapic to Kūlrine on the Murray, up the
Murray about 20 miles from Junction to Mildura
The tribe from that place up was called Kir-in-ma
and had a different language. Both these
tribes intermarried and both had Kilpara
and Mūguara. The Wembaio also got wives
from the Rufous and Leymait. The people below
Croziers (Kirinina) near the Pompmalka
amd also intermarried with the Wembaio

I was at a meeting of the tribe. All the men
sate in a circle - near the Camp. The young
men and old men were mixed. Must
carried something in their hand - as a waddy.
One of the oldest men - Old Pelican (marked
with the small pox) went into the ring with
spear and shield. He exhibited an
imaginary fight with his spear and shield
This was to explain to the young men how
to fight. The old men had not any special claims to authority
excepting being old and skilful in fighting.
A Head man must have (1) age (2) personal
prowess (3) talents (tatics) as a leader (4) talking powers
Where magical powers were promised the man
might work upon the fears of the people but
would not be therefore a head man. I think that
the old men and younger men all met in
council. The old men generally had their say
- after that the young men spoke. The old men
would then direct what should be done.

At other times say in the evening, some old
man might rise in his camp holding his spear
in his hand or some weapon and make an
oration on some subject - [say - crossed out] I remember one
when they feared another tribe might come

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