against them the old man stood up - and
made a speech on the subject.
The favorite way of settling disputes
with other tribes say in the direction of Euston
was to tell off a war party to go and kill some
of them - say to take revenge. The old men
selected who were to go. In one case
a man who lived with the tribe became obnoxious
to it and was doomed to death. He was
killed when out hunting - all the men
there threw their spears at him. He was
killed because being a stranger they feared he
might return to his own tribe and take something
with him from the Wembaio by means of which
he could kill them. They also suspected that
might intend to take a woman away with
I remember a case where they feared that the
"Melbourne blacks" might come and attack
them in the night. They camped this in the
shape of a horseshoe [diagram] leaving the opening in
the direction from which they feared the
enemy might come. They requested me to camp
in the opening as their enemies would not step
over a white man, but would otherwise come
in among their camps and put string
round their throats and choak [sic] them and
then take out their kidney fat.
They also thought that a man [could be - crossed out] being knocked
down senseless with a Yūri - battra-pira could
then have his kidney fat removed without leaving
a sign of the operation.
(see the Nanniyeri "plenggi")

[written in left side margin]
Friendly alien

The noose
Taking out
kidney fat

yūri = ear
battra = having
pira = club
a club with two
corners = ears

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