Wembaio 5
Blood revenge
When a man of one clan, say of Tapio had killed
a man of another clan say of Wentworth - the
dead man's friens would arrange a party and go
and kill him - perhaps in the night. I do not
think they would send a messenger to call him
to come forward to fight.
I do not know how tribal offences were
dealt with.
When a man died while his friends
were absent, all the men there when they
returned stood out and held their heads down in order to receive each
of them a blow with a waddy.

I remember a case where (at Fletchers)
where some young men went to attend
a funeral, one of them was killed by a
blow in that manner on the head.
He was buried at once.

To become a Mekigar it was
necessary for a man to eat the bone of
a dead man. One Mekigar could
initiate another.

When a youth was made a Thalara no
teeth were knocked out from Mildura downwards.
But the Kulkyne tribe had their teeth knocked
out. When the boy came back from the bush
being a Thalara and allowed to take a wife,
a girl was selected by the old men and given
to him for the time.
Jus primae noctis
As he was supposed not
to know anything about sexual intercourse all the men
present old and young had connections with her and
he last. She scolded him for allowing her to be taken
by the others. [child = Katŭlya

Various [ages- crossed out] names
accordign to
a boy 9-10 = Wilyango - 10-15 = Wilyango Kūrnŭndo
15 to being made young man he was = Kūrno = excrement
When a man Thalara

[written in left side margin]
I think they knocked
out the tooth

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