Wembaio 6
and their
Old man Jamieson had a famous
corroboree song thus:
Thopin appa Karo Kera
Rode I another place
Mŭrla Rinte
the other side Murray River
He was supposed to ride away in the night

Deluge Legend
The crow and Eagle were at the Murray (Rinte)
The crow is the ngūlkaia (father's brother) of the
Eagle. The Crow said "I want a drink". The Eagle
said "go and get one". He went and said
"Have I drank enough"? The Eagle said "Bŭlya wait
wetūla drink (i.e. drink more). This was repeated
till his belly was swelled out to a tremendous
size. His uncle [said - crossed out] threw a stick at him
and he burst and the water rushed [out -crossed out] all
over the land and drowned all the people.

The Stars
They thought the stars had been mighty men.
The planet Mars = Bilyara = Eagle
One [was - crossed out] star was also called = Kilpara

Legend of the Crow
It was the crow that taught the blacks how to hunt
and he also taught the animals how to defend themselves
(It is also said that Nūreli (the great spirit) taught
the Emu to defend itself) Once when the ancient
blacks were out hunting - a crow was up a tree - the blacks
offered him part and he preferred the head which he took
up into the tree and talked to it. He said to it
that if it were chased it was not to run round but to
run straight and must kick with the toe.

[written in left side margin]
see to this!
uncle -
which one

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