Murrumbang Moongiel
Decr 13th 1899
A W Howitt Esq
My dear Sir
With great pleasure I received
your letter of the 5th, it was like meeting
with an old friend, and if I can
do any thing to solve the questions you
submit I will gladly do so. The blacks
are not here just now, but they will be in a
week or ten days and I will get further infor-
mation. Meantime I may say that I don't
think it possible that descent is in the male
line. It is also certain that Ippai marries
Matha in the Wiradjuri as often or nearly
as often as Kubbitha and the Wonghibou
[marries m - crossed out] Ippai marries Matha oftener
than he marries Kubbitha. Marriages
are largely influenced by the totems.

I will however write you more fully later.

I do not feel sure that I quite grasp
what you want me to do with the diagram
of the Dieri + Wiradjuri but I will give it
a little further study. I will fill in

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