Finch St. East Malvern
[19 12 99 - crossed out]

A L P Cameron Esqr
Murrumbury NSW

My dear Sir
Your letter of 13 inst has much
gratified me and as you are so good
as to undertake further enquiries and
as you expect the blacks to return soon
I write at once to explain my diagram
more fully.

(1) The diagram for the Wiradjuri gives
the theoretical marriages and descents.
[Thus - crossed out] The Dieri diagram gives actual marriages
and descents. I repeat the diagrams
in order to explain.

Dieri Wiradjuri
4M materi M Kararu 5 (4) Ipai Kubbi (5)
3F Kararu F Materi 6 (3) Kubbitha Ipatha (6)

2 F Kararu Kami F Materi 7 (2) Matha Butha (7)

M Kararu Noa F Materi 8 (1) Kubbi Ipatha (8)

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