I have found this to be the case in a tribe in Queensland
which has [thre-crossed out] four subclasses + the same [??]
as the Kamilaroi. The question must also arise incidentally which
the brother murri of (2) [(Murri) - crossed out]might may the [??] here called (7) Butha
and or whether they, being the children of a
brother on one side + a sister in the other would be
-as among the Dieri forbidden to each other.

[I found this to be the case - crossed out] In similar tribes,
[while in another often - crossed out] such as the Ngarabana at Lake Eyre it
is these very ones who marry - that is taking
the Dieri diagram as thus illustrated -
it is the brother of (2) who marries (7) - and the brother of (7)
who marries (2). The Dieri + the Ngarabana
are on opposite sides of Lake Eyre.

The Ngarabana, Dieri, + (theoretically)
Wiradjuri marriage rules - form a clear
sequence of developments. What I want [to show- crossed out]
[now is] now is to verify the theoretical features
of the Wiradjuri. If you can do this for me
you will help to complete my chapter on "marriage"
I have found a diagram of the actual relatives of a man + his
wife to show me the facts of [??] are.

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