In another part of the Wiradjuri country; namely
near Mosgiel, north of the Lachlan River
the [class system primary - crossed out] class system [to complete]
[with - crossed out] was the rwo primary classes, and the subclasses
are those of the [no] Kamilaroi [The system - crossed out]
[so far as I have received it from my valued correspondent it is known to me is as follows: - crossed out]
[Mr ALP Cameron- crossed out] This tribe divided the whole
universe between the two primary classes, [mukulu - crossed out]
[= Ipai- Kumbo and Budthurung= Muri - crossed out]
[Ki - crossed out] Mukulu and Budthurung

The former enmbraced everything in the universe connected
with "dry" and the latter everything connected with wet;
thus the Mallee (1) and all trees that grow far away from
water were Mukulu as also were birds [in the drier dirt - crossed out] and animals which did not frequent water
while [there - crossed out] where habitat was in the vicinity of water were

[The Ipai totems were yūnghi (Mallee hen), gūnarr - crossed out]
[(pady melon - [sic], willi (opossum - crossed out]
The following table shows Wiradjuri classes,
subclasses and totems.

Wiradjuri class system
Classes Subclasses totems
Yunghai - Mallee hen 1
Ipai (a) Gubarr - Padymelon 3
Willi - Opossum 2
A Mukūlo
(Relating to dry) Yunghi - Mallee hen 1
Kumbu (b) Uroine - Emu 4
Willi - opossum 2
Murri - Red Kangaroo I
Budthūrung - Brown Duck II
Murri (c) Thurunghi - Snake IV
gūrūng - Bandicoot III
B Budthurung
(Relating to wet) Murri - Red Kangaroo I
Budthurung Brown Duck II
Kubbi (d) Dithulin - Iguana V
gūrūng - Bandicoot III

[It seems - crossed out] The marriages and descents [are shown- crossed out]
[in the subjoined table - crossed out] in this branch of the Wiradjuri
are quite abnormal, [but fall in with several similar - crossed out] and are as follows :- (give table)
[marriages in the Wonhibon Wonghibon tribe, whose - crossed out]
[country was - where boundaries - crossed out]

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