Information collected from Mrangulla
Singing Johnny

Maneroo Blacks are divided as follows

Hawk Crow
Malian ?Yibai=Ipai oombe ?= Kŭmb
Bandar Kangaroo Megindang Wombat
Nooron Emu Nutjare Nutjun Rat Bat?
Ebi (malian) Hawk Werralang Brown snake
Maree Dog Birringal Star (Venus)
Woothering [Squirrel Warralang Brown Snake
Bandar Kangaroo Maniyook Bandicoot
Balil Balil Lyre Bird Wandale Porcupine
I find that though they have only two grand
divisions, yet they place some importance
upon the subdivisions. For instance a Bandar
or Kangaroo would marry a woman who was a
Wombat and others would take wives according
[torn] list above. I was not aware of this before
but I had not made much enquiry. I found
the Murray Blacks were divided according to
your list but thought the mere fact of a woman
being a Kilparra was sufficient to allow them
to marry, but now I find that certain animals
go in pairs. The Kangaroo goes with the Wombat
the Emu with the Rat + the Hawk with the Snake
+ so on. I find also that the children have
the same totem as their mother. I think that
may be taken as a rule among all the
Aborigines on the other side the dividing range [sic].
The Gippsland Blacks seem to have no regular
division. They tell me the men are Yarang
and the women Djetgang, does it not seem

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As you can see, many [??]. I am not sure if I have handled the 2 lists at the top in the correct way.
I am also uncertain of the last 3 lines.