strange that the Blacks this side this
range should have no such custom
I will try to enquire into it perhaps our
friend McDougall can help in the matter
2 I find the food is divided among the
Maneroo Blacks. Just as you describe, they
seem to make no distinction as to the kind of
animal as to distribution. I find it was
a rule when a married man caught a
Kangaroo or other large game that he would
send the whole to his Father's camp and
would himself eat smaller game, but if
he had no other meat his parent would
send him the head + part of back bone.
The wife would have to rely upon her relations
for a share of their meat or perhaps the share
which she was legally entitled to. The Blacks
appear to always to have encouraged making
presents to shew their love to their relations
they did not indulge in kissing + fondling but
shewed it in a more substantial way.

It was always a custom for a man to keep
his Guiaban (mother in law) well supplied
with meat. This is + was called Nebrak. This
would consist of the best parts of the game
but if possible it would be wombat flesh as
that is considered + is in fact the best meat.
I have seen the whole of the right side of a
wombat sent to Billy the Bull's mother from
her Guiaban. I may state that as a
rule the husband employs his wife to take
the meat to the different camps it is mostly
thrown down near the fire. I never saw a Black

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