per Janey Alexander

The tribe
This tribe lived about the Murray River
below Tom Groggin and were friends with
the people down at Albury and up at Omeo
Singing Johnny (Mragūla) is of this tribe.

The teeth knocked out at Initiations were put
in a bag with Kangaroo teeth and reddle and
sent way by the old man who knocked
them out to some other [tribe - crossed out] place - such
as Lambing flat. A boomerang, nulla nulla
shield went with them.

White men
White men were called ma mūgan
Note here that in Ngarego mūgan is = ghost
see also the Yūin

Dreams are called [ngul - crossed out] ngŭradal

Classes [Two Bidwell- crossed out] Tongi Jemmy's wife said that
Janey Alexander is a Tchuteba

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