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Murray Jack's father was a Woradjeri who settled
at Thelbingūng Mountain - a place noted for
wambats. He married a Theddora woman
He said that his father was Waralang = Brown Snake
and his mother Tchuteba = Rabbit Rat
His wife is Maralang = brown snake
He also said that his children are
both Yibai-Malian as he is. There
is evidently some confusion here.

Girls were given in marriage by their fathers + brothers
and were prmised long before. If such a
girl were to elope with some man her betrothed
would remain at his camp while her father
and brothers would go in pursuit. If they caught
the girl she would be brought back. Her
father would not do more than give her
a severe scolding but her mother would
beat her with a yam stick; she would then
be handed over to her betrothed husband.
If a brother and sister were to elope the
relations would be very much ashamed
and if they caught them would beat them
and give the girl to her promised husband.
A child of such an amour would
however not be killed. When a girl
was thus brought back it was not the
custom of the men to have her in common
Yibai- malian never knew such

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