a case among the Walgal and he expressed
great abhorrence of the sustem [sic] among the
Kŭrnai. He also spoke with abhorrence
of their customs of Elopement. He said
that in his tribe such things as the Kurnai
did would not have been allowed.
He said "the Kurnai are very bad"

The child
Yibai-malian thought it ridiculous - indeed
laughed scornfully when I asked him
whether the child [belonged - crossed out] was derived from
the father or the mother. He said emphatically
"the man make the child and he can
give his daughter to whom he likes."

Hair of dead persons
The hair of dead relatives such as a father or
brother was used for making bags in which
to carry Krūg-a-lūng

They were not afraid of the Aurora but considered
that it announced to them that the blacks
were fighting a long way off and that
a number of them were killed.

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