Youalaroi (4)

The process of inauguration is as follows. A Doctor
will propose to another that he had better
learn the art. If he consents they go into
the bush, make a fire, put fat on it, go to sleep
and whilst in that state they see a spirit
converse with it and wake up Doctors.

A Doctor has great influence over the
others and is held in great respect. On one
occasion I was crossing a flock of sheep and
as is usual on occasions of that kind
had a lot of blacks helping. Amongst them
a Doctor, who by the bye contrived to do as little
as possible. The sheep form being too closely
pressed were beginning to smother. I shouted
to the blacks to run back - they all [did so - crossed out]
obeyed with the exception of the Doctor who
was making some peculiar noises and clapping
his hands. He took no notice of me at all so
to make him desist I knocked him down;
He was very wrath at this treatment and
said he was using his power as a Doctor to
make the sheep cross. None of the other blacks
would reprove him.

The Doctors no matter what the ailment may
be pretend to take glass bottle and such matters
out of the sick person. I have known an old
woman tie a string to a sick man's toe and this
string she kept sawing between her teeth until
the blood came out of her gums. This she
pretended was the bad matter from the

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