In one place when Ienbin says that a person would
be killed and all belonging to him he
explains that "both sides are means - fathers + mothers"

In order to inform my friend who might be following
me which way I had gone I should stick a
spear close to the fire pointing in my direction
- or if I was not returning to the camp I
should stick a stick in and my friends
would find by the heat of the ashes
or their coldness how long I had been

To communicate with a friend at a
distance I should take a sheet of bark and it being held up straight
and stuffing it with leaves and bark
set fire at the bottom so that the smoke
would go up. This is much better than
using a hollow tree. This would
have to be arranged beforehand
so as to be understood.

Hand sign
Hand signs seem to be utterly unknown
to Ienbin
no gesture language is know to the Murray (AWH)

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