Balranald Sep 23rd 82

A W Howitt Esq
Sale Victoria

Dear Sir
With many thanks I have to acknowledge
the receipt of your pamphlet on the Class
Systems which I have read with interest.
I ahve always felt sure that the subdivisions
into four classes was an extension of a
reformatory movement. But with regard
to the prohibition of intercourse between
mother in law and son in law the reasons
you give do not appear sufficient.
In your diagram in reference to this subject be
carried down another generation.
(F) A
(F) A1
(F) A2

It is now aparent [sic] that B can marry either A, his
mother in law, or A2 his daughter (so far as
there is anything inherent in the class laws to
prevent it) but, while there are other social
laws to prevent his marrying either daughter

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