June 14th 00

Dear Mr Howitt
I send you an amended list
of the Wonghibon marriages which
I have taken a good deal of trouble
to fix up. If there is any thing wrong
it is that there is more liberty of
choice. That is for instance that Ipai
mallee hen may marry Kubbitha
Bandicoot and Kubbitha Kangaroo
as well as Kubbitha Wild duck

I may mention that in this part
as I think I once told you the 'Possum
totem is almost extinct but in other
parts of the Wonghibon Territory the
'possums are numerous and the Emu
or Mallee hens correspondingly
scarse [sic]. In the list enclosed you
will of course see that M H stands for Mallee hen
D for Wild duck B Bandicoot K red Kangaroo
P Possum

Nearly all the blacks located about
here are mallee hen and wild duck
I am
Yours faithfully
ALP Cameron

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