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Murrumbang June 28th 1900

Dear Mr Howitt Since writing you the other day I have your letter of the 12th and now enclose you the diagrams which you I hope will find satisfactory. An "own" sister to Yarri actually exists and is married to scotty but she has never had children. I have however added hypothetical children with proper class and totem You say "The questions would be (1st) Was Nelly the sister own or tribal of the husband of Yarri's sister? To this I reply that she was the tribal sister but no blood relation 2nd Would it be lawful for Jane to have married No 8 Her maternal granddaughter of Yarri's sister no 5 P "Daughter" is of course a slip and "son" was meant

I am almost - absolutely certain it would not but the blacks are not here just now so that I cannot enquire

I saw some rock paintings in some caves about 40 miles north east from here and sent copies to

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"The science of man" a Sydney journal

I think of going to Sydney in this course of a week and will not be at home for some weeks but on my return will ascertain for certain if the marriage noted would be allowed. With kind regards I Remain Yours faithfully ALP Cameron

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[diagram] 9 Jack Kumbo MH Brother 1 Yarri Kumbo MH Brother Sister 5 Polly Bootha MH Fanny Matha BD 2 Nelly Matha Bl D 6 Scotty Bl D

Ann Kubbitha BD 3 Betsy Kubbitha Bl D 7 Ipatha Mallee Hen

Mary Matha BD 4 Jane Matha Bl D 8 Kumbo Mallee Hen

NB 1 Nelly is the Tribal not actual sister of Scotty 2 I don't think no 8 Kumbo Mallee Hen could marry 4 Jane Matha Black duck but am not certain

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