June 28th 1900

Dear Mr Howitt
Since writing you the other day I
have your letter of the 12th and now
enclose you the diagrams which you
I hope will find satisfactory. An "own"
sister to Yarri actually exists and is
married to scotty but she has never had
children. I have however added hypothetical
children with proper class and totem
You say "The questions would be (1st) Was Nelly
the sister own or tribal of the husband
of Yarri's sister? To this I reply that she
was the tribal sister but no blood relation
2nd Would it be lawful for Jane to have married
No 8 Her maternal granddaughter of Yarri's
sister no 5 P "Daughter" is of course a slip and
"son" was meant

I am almost - absolutely certain it would
not but the blacks are not here just now so
that I cannot enquire

I saw some rock paintings in
some caves about 40 miles north east
from here and sent copies to

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