Murrumbong Mossgiel
NSWales July 21st 00

Dear Mr Howitt
I am sorry not to have been able
to write to you sooner but we are
having a terrible time up here and
I have had a bad turn of Rheumatic
gout to add to my troubles.

I am sending you a list of the
marriage arrangements of the Wonghi
which are pretty well exactly those
of the Wiradhuri. From the list of
totems you will easily see who marries
who and I have tested them in the actual
families so I know they are absolutely
correct. I cannot find out the
words meaning relating to dry and to
wet but I will have another try.

I would like to find this equivalent
to Waa + Bungil among these Wonghi
and Wiradjuri people and whether
Mukwara or Kilpara is equivalent to
to [sic] Waa. I hope you will manage
to find a publication and I suppose
it is not a very easy matter as

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