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[written at top left of page] As I cannot quite make out the address at head of your letter I am directing Malvern

Replied to 10/6/02

"Yowrie" Milton St Ashfield 29th May 02

Dear Mr Howitt Your letter of 27th Apl only reached me yesterday, having been returned from Murrumbong which locality I left some 16 months ago and have since been living at the above address where I daresay I will be residing for some time to come. My last 5 years in that part were droughty in the extreme and there has been no abatement in its severity since so that pastoral matters are at a very low ebb there just now.

I asked several of the Blacks about Murrumbong as to the possibility of No 8 Kumbo Mallee hen marrying No 4 Jane Matha Black Duck and was assured that he could not (you will remember that the Wonghibon Kumbo would marry Kubbitha and Ippai would marry Matha but they were a branch of the Warraduri and often told me that if a Mossgiel Ippai went to Hillston 70 miles away for a wife he would probably marry a Kubbitha

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but he would have no difficulty in getting a wife as the totem would be his guide. As the intermarriage of Ipai and Kubbitha obtains [all - crossed out] almost universally where the Kamilaroi organisation prevails it would I daresay be best to stick to them as the intermarrying classes.

I am sure that in many cases consanguinous marriages are not approved even where tribal law might permit. I am sorry I can't give you the exact relationship between Nellie Matha wilduck [sic] and Scotty Murri black duck.

Before receiving your letter I had written to "Science of Man" on the subject as I received a communication from the Editor.

I am sure you will be glad to be relieved from your official duties and will now have more time to devote to your anthropological work and I await with great interest the publication of your book. If you ever see Mr Fison kindly remember me to him; it was through a letter from him in the Australasian to me five and thirty years ago that I first became interested in Aboriginal matters. I am yours faithfully ALP Cameron

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