[written at top left of page]
As I cannot
quite make out the
address at head of
your letter I am
directing Malvern

Replied to 10/6/02

Milton St
Ashfield 29th May 02

Dear Mr Howitt
Your letter of 27th Apl only reached
me yesterday, having been returned
from Murrumbong which locality
I left some 16 months ago and have
since been living at the above address
where I daresay I will be residing for
some time to come. My last 5 years
in that part were droughty in the
extreme and there has been no abate-
ment in its severity since so that
pastoral matters are at a very low ebb
there just now.

I asked several of the Blacks
about Murrumbong as to the possibility
of No 8 Kumbo Mallee hen marrying No 4 Jane
Matha Black Duck and was assured that
he could not (you will remember that
the Wonghibon Kumbo would marry Kubbitha
and Ippai would marry Matha but they
were a branch of the Warraduri and often
told me that if a Mossgiel Ippai went
to Hillston 70 miles away for a wife
he would probably marry a Kubbitha

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