"Gowrie" Milton St
Ashfield Sydney
June 11th 1902

Dear Mr Howitt
I am not sure whether I ever sent you
the enclosed diagram showing the
distribution of the totems of the Wonghibon
and how they influenced marriage.
You will remember that I said in
former days that Ipai married Matha
Kumbo, Kubbitha and so on and as a
matter of fact nearly every Ipai about
where I lived was married to Matha
and nearly every Murri to Ipatha but
you will see by the Diagram that
in principle intermarriages between Ipai
and Kubbitha could take place and
in fact as I explained in a paper to the
Science of Man I stated that
Ipai mallee hen could marry 2 Mathas 1 Kubbitha
Ipai Emu [ditto] [ditto] 2 Kubbitha 1 Matha
Ipai opossum [ditto] [ditto] 2 Mathas 1 Kubbitha

Kumbo mallee hen could marry 2 Kubbitha 1 Matha
Kumbo Emu [ditto] [ditto] 2 Mathas 1 Kubbitha
Kumbo oppossum [ditto] [ditto] 2 Kubbitha 1 Matha

Of course the same rule prevailed in
the Murri Kubbi class. From this it

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