Cameron Wonghi = No

Wonghibon or Wonghi Tribe Lachlan River
This tribe claimed the country on the North side
of the Lachlan River, commencing about
Whealbale, following the river up for 80 miles
and extending back from the river something
over 100 miles.

It was divided into the following classes

Ipai Kubbi
Kumbo Murri
class marries children are
Ipai - Matha - Kubbi-Kubbitha
Kumbo - Kubbitha - Murri-matha
Kubbi - Butha - Ipai - Ipatha
Murri - Ipatha - Kumbo - Butha

Totems are Wajun crow, Murua Kangaroo, Talee Iguana
curu, bandicoot, currakai opossum +c
It was customary for the men to have
more than one wife. The parents' consent was necessary
and it was very rare that a girl married with out her parents' consent.
The woman was bound to be faithful to her
husband, the penalty being whatever
punishment he thought fit to administer.
But this rule would not apply to the

Wives were obtained by gift from the father,
never by exchange. No instance of elopement
of unmarried girls are recorded.

Female captives were the property of their
captors if of a class from which he might
legally take a wife. A Wonghi man
would not persist in retaining a female
captive of a forbidden class, for by doing
so he would incur the contempt of every
member of his tribe. It is not certain
whether he would or would not be killed.

[written in left side margin]
Ipai Muri
Kumbo Kubbi

Different from Kam
usage. But the children
of the women are the same
Is there any mistake here?

How are the totems
allotted and
give them all

consent of parents

M. by gift

no elopement ?

M. by. Cap

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