In these statements there are three [proposals - crossed out] conclusions
1 In the primary hordes female
infanticide prevailed
2 Female infanticide led to [exogamy- crossed out] marriage by capture
3 The wives so captured and their children
were regarded as "foreigners"
[Let us consider these proposals= crossed out]
As there are no known instances
of "primary hordes" at any rate in [??]
I may do as I observe Mr McLennan
does frequently - that is like the Australian
tribes as representing to us some of their
possible characters.

I am not aware +c - down to Neborak
In speaking of Sir John Lubbock's view I
have fully stated my own as to the origin
of marriage by capture and this view I would
rend it unnecessary to call in the [??] of
fem. inf.

In respect to the third proposal Mr McLennan
appears to rely strongly upon the Australian
evidence +c down to "will serve"
Look at one possible [?condition?] of a
"primary horde" for the third point of
the Australian [tribes - crossed out] tribes I see this clearly
a female captive
might be regarded as a "foreigner" but
her children would belong to the
tribe. In a "primary horde"
there would not
be any class division.
Such divisions are incomplete
with the idea of a homogenous community having more
or less promiscuity such as are the primitive
tribes postulated by Mr McLennan. Still
he seems to regard a Australian tribe as to
a certain extent a parallel case

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