altitude above sea 1800ft
latitude 21 Long. 146 the blacks were very
numerous, the only description they could
give me of a white man was in connection
with an animal which doubtless was a
camel, belonging either to Burke + Wills
party, or later on to MacKinlay's expedition
who in search of the former, ran up the
Mueller due west from ehere about 100 miles,
The class names here, are in fact the
same as in every part of Queensland
which I have travelled over. Viz.
Coboro marries a Coragilla
Wongo [ditto] [ditto] Bunberry
Children from the former are styled Bunberry
from the latter Coragilla -
I wish to acquaint you with a
strange fact. The natives here have
all their own districts, which area is
generally about 50 miles by 50. The
strange fact is this, that taking 12 districts
round about here the names all end

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