in burra [underlined] except one. For instance this
district is Balleburra, the next Pouleburra
and so on to the eleventh, but the twelfth
is Goamulga. I have learned a great
deal about the natives in a general way
I have them all about me now, all the
boys do my station work, I have had them
all baptized, and took one to England
on my last trip. My experience is that
under judicious treatment they are a
very fair specimen of humanity.

I have a gang of boys here, I could cross
the Continent with, in fact I prefer them,
for cattle work to Europeans. I could
relate some captial anecdotes about them
in the early days, but if your book is merely
a scientific one, they would be out of
place. May I ask if you are the same
who took charge of the relief party in
search of Burke + Wills?

I am an old explorer myself, and

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