Feby 7 1889

Dear Mr Christison

Your note of 30 January to hand for
which I beg to thank you very much. If when
you go to Lammermoor you have time to enquire
further as to the matter of the "brother widow"
I shall feel much obliged. I subjoin my queries
in rather a fuller form. No doubt brothers,
the children of the same mother will be connected
nearer than the children of the same father by
different mothers. Yet probably this will have
weight - that for instance Bunberi marries
Wango the children being Kobaro - and
thus the children of the Wango women
would be very near to each other, being of the
same group [underlined] "Kobaro" which as a group is the
child of the group [underlined] Wango.

What would be the caseof a widow as to:
(1) the brother being of the same father & mother
(2) " " " " " " father & another mother
(3) " " " " " " mother & another father

I anticipate that the "brother" in (3) will prove
not to be a brother [underlined] according to the Dalleburra
relationships but something else

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