Bunyabbe Tribe
This tribe is located in the
vicinity of Barcaldine Station
About 60 miles west nor west of
of [sic] Blackall on the Barcoo. This
country is on the Alice River
Their class divisions were
Urgilla marries Uberu child Wungu
Banbri [ditto] Wungu [ditto] Uberu
Wungu [ditto] Banbri [ditto] Urgilla
Ūberū [ditto] Urgilla [ditto] Banbri

Bunyabbe totems are
Urgilla = Eaglehawk, red Kangaroo
Wungu = Sugar bag, Duck, Oppossum
Uberu = Emu Iguana

They burried [sic] in the ground
Practiced sorcery, had rain makers
Doctors and wizards to whom the
powers of magic were communicated
by departed friends or by dreams
The sacred wand used at the
Borah was called Toondoola
Vocabulary Hand= Murra Foot=Thina
Thigh= Thurra Toungue=Tallien

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