Kalkadune Tribe 5

Class divisions same as Goa
The country of the Kalkadunes is
in the vicinity of the McKinley Ranges
and extends as far as the Leichardt
. It is a numerous tribe and
and [sic] differs from the others except
the Betha Betha in that it practices
circumcision and Koalpi which the
others do not. They are looked upon
as a fiercer tribe than any of the
others. The neighboring tribes to the
Kalkadunes were Goa, Oonamurra
Yanda, Betha Betha, Mathagurti
or Mathacurti, and perhaps some
others. They intermarried principally
with Betha Betha but sometimes
with the other tribes. I unfortunately
forgot to ascertain whether the son
of a Kalkadune man and a
Goa woman would be circumcised or
not but I think not.
Kalkadune Totems
Urgilla= Iguana
Wungu= Emu
Kuburu= Tiger snake
Banberi = Carpet snake

Sorcery common. Bad spirit Yangingo
Bury in the ground. Cannibalism and infanticide
common. They hold no communication
with wife's mother and I may say
this is the case with all tribes.
The Kalkadunes are supposed by
other tibes in the vicinity to be

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