hw0312 Flierl to Howitt 5/4/1888



Replied 20/4/88 (1) did he get information from old people (2) Are their customs [??] to [??] [??] here 26 years ago.

Kopperamana, 5.IV 1888

Mr A.W. Howitt

Dear Sir,

Your letter from March 6th at hand about some informations [sic] re Aborigines. I am willingly to assist you as well as I can. Please excuse I am not very much versed in english, because I am not very long in this Colonie, but will try my best hoping you will be satisfied with it.

In reply of your question I have to say that the Dieri children (boys and girls) tacke [sic] the "murdu" of their mother. If a man is of the kintela [underlined] "murdu" and his wife of the kakula [underlined] murdu all their children, boys and girls belong to the kakula murdu

I remain Sir, Yours respectfully

Yours respectfully J. Flierl

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1888 April 5 Flierl Dieri children all take mother's murdu

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