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Parental Group
1. Father Aperi In this group there are three terms which seem to me
2. Father's Brother Aperi waka to require further enquiry. I have filled in the
3. Mother's sister's Husband Aperi waka words in red pencil which it seems to me you
will probably find to be the correct ones.
4. Mother's pirauru Aperi waka? [in red] is right You will observe that I have added two relationships
which were not in the paper I sent you, namely
5. Mother Andri Pirauru that is to say the [relationsh- crossed out] relation
between certain men and certain women
6. Mother's Sister Andri waka besides that of Noa. In [Noa - crossed out] Noa a man
and a woman are husband and wife to each other
7. Father's brother's wife Andri waka - in Pirauru several men are husbands
temporarily to one woman, or several women are
8. Father's Pirauru Andri waka ? [in red] is right temporary wives to one man. In the following
tables I have called the Pirauru "accessory
9. Mother's Brother Kaka husband" or "accessory wife".
I think that No 12 should be papa and not andri.
10. Father's Sister's Husband Kaka Please to refer to the diagram given in Table B.
3 is the"father's sister" of 7 - being the father's sister
11. Father's sister Papa she cannot be his andri - but is his papa; now
3 is also the "mother's brother's wife" of 7 and being
12. Mother's Brother's Wife [andri - crossed out] Papa? [in red] papa is right in both cases the same "theoretical" individual she
might be expected to have the same relationship term.
Moreover you will see that while 7 is of the B murdu
while 3 is of the A murdu - Hence since a son takes
his mother's murdu - 3 being of A murdu cannot be
the mother (andri) of 7B.

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Dieri Parental Group vocabulary and descriptions