Oct of 1882

A.W. Howitt, Esq

Dear Sir,

Since writing my
last to you, I have succeeded in obt-
aining a Proper " Juntha" made and has
been used by the "Willyaroo" There is
only a piece of string about 10 or 12
feet long to be attached to the Juntha
and twirled around the head -
it will make a humming noise.

The Juntha is never
seen by the women [all underlined] and they do
no [sic] know what causes the hum-
ming noise, The men tells them that
it is the "mooramoora" wispering [sic].
The young man, to make the noise, and
as a sign that the "mooramoora"
is satisfied at the success of the

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Juntha string twirled round head to make a humming noise.