a deal of jealousy + disefection [sic]

You ask wether [sic] there are any
male ambassadors Yes, they
are generally sent to the neigh-
bouring Tribes, to invite them
to a grand circumscision [sic] Day
(when there are many boys to circum-
scise [sic]) and the grand ceremony of
mindaril, but never are
men sent, when there is any
suspicion of treachery or
danger -

The prohibition as to sextual [sic] inter-
course, between cousins, [2 words underlined]

It is an abomoni-
nation [sic] in the sight of the Dieyiri
to have sextual [sic] intercourse with
Father's Brother's Children, Mother's Sister's
Children, Father's Sister's Children
Mother's Brother's Children. They do not
have sextual [sic] intercourse with their -

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Sexual relationship laws