Cummie. (cousin) as they are
considered Blood Relation

You seem to thorou
ghly understand my meaning as to
Blood Relationship, by your notes
in your last letter, and as you
say it is diffacult [sic], to make the
public understand the word
Blood Relationship, but as you
seem now to clearly grasp the relation
ship of the Dieyerie, you will have no
diffaculty [sic] in explaining more fully
than I have done to you - of course
Mother, Father, Sister, Brother come
under Blood Relationship, (Booyooloo)
as the cousins - as mentioned above
Page 8. -

Question of the exact relationship
of the women who places the Cooire
round the Boys' neck, She is not [2 words underlined]
of the same murdoo, nor any
relationship whatever

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Blood relationships