April 19 1888

A.W. Howitt Esq

Dear Sir,

Your letter of March 24th
is to hand, and in reference to your
enquiries re Relationship I regret very
much that I cannot clearly define
the proper blood relationship. I have
corrected enclosed list.

I notice that
you drop the H.[underlined] in several of the words
for instance Tidnara it should be
Thidnara "as in the the word think"
then again Atani it should be Athani [underlined]
Atamura should be Athamura [underlined].

In pronouncing these words the
Aboriginies [sic] particularly put the accent
on the th [underlined] By referring to my book
you will see a great many words
spelled with the th [underlined] which should
be accented otherwise the pronounciation
is bad, and does not give the proper

As in the sound irrrrrr it
would be wrong to put ur for instance
'pirra', Apirrie.

Yours Fathfully
Samuel Gason

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Gason corrects spelling and pronounciation