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April 19
respelling of Athanie +c

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My dear Fison - I send you this letter of Gason's - also the table of Curr's
Relationships which I filled in for the Dieri tribe and sent to S _ requesting
him to correct and complete. I think that he must be wrong in
the words he gives for nos 4 and 5. - I believe these to be "Kaka".
His remarks about "Blood relatives" refers to my question
whether he knew of any word in the Dieri language which had
the meaning both of Fathers brother - and mother''s brother = uncle
- telling him that Curr says there is such a word and questioning
him on his authority. Before writing to him again I
thought I would send you these papers and also a rough
table containing the three groups which I propose to
make use of. The other one namely the 'Fraternal"
I have not touched at present - waiting until I
hear from the Rev. J Flierl. Do you think these
tables will suffice to illustrate the
action of the [Iuauin?] message and
if the class &[?]? I will send to
Gason a set of these tables by and bye and
at the same time try and get a reply from
him about "uncle; aunt", [nephew?] &tc
- relationships which he uses in his
book & which Curr has [?].

Yours Faithfully
AW Howitt
Sale April 2/8/88

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