Aborigines for which the
particulars I request are of importance.
I trust that you will not consider
that I am trespassing too much
upon your good nature.
1. Will you kindly give me
a complete list of the
class names of the Dieyerie
I there a list given in Mr Japlin
"Folk lore" but it does not
furnish the replies I want.
Is the Dieyerie tribe divided
1. into two primary divisions
such as obtain in the Darling
for instance. Muquana
(Eaglehawk) and Kilpara (crow)
If so what are these primary divisions [named - crossed out] called.
2. Are the names Purdil - Kuclata
Tchukuro - Munjallee - Booralko
+c subdivisions of [the- crossed out] such
primary divisions.

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