3. What are the regulations as to
marriage between the Divisions
and subdivisions?
For instance from what division
or subdivision can a man "Purdee"
take a wife?
4. If a strange blackfellow from some other tribe say from the Darling
, or from S. Aust. were to visit
the Dieyerie - he being of a
class division representing one of
theirs - for instance "Karnee" (Lizard)
subdivision of the Moquana (Eaglehawk) division
- would he be [represen - crossed out] recognized as
belonging to the "Koppirie" - be entertained
by those of that subdivision and provided
with a temporary wife. [of some subdivision - crossed out]
If so of what subdivision would that
temporary wife be.
You will greatly oblige by
this information and by permitting

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